Introduction To Your Weapon




Have you recently taken a CCW Class or purcased a new weapon and are not yet comfortable with?


Contact us for private a class and we will give you the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset to "Think Safe and Be Strong".

This one hour (minimum) course will ensure you have the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset to safety operate your new weapon.  Taught by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors with a combined 31 years of nuclear security, weapons training, military experience and criminal justice studies. Items covered include safe gun handling, basic pistol concepts, necessary mindset, and carry options for your new weapon of choice.



  • Course Cost is $50 (per student - per hour).

  • This course is all conducted on a range (approved by Stronghold Instructors)

  • You must provide your weapon and at least 100 rounds of ammunition.

  • Please bring your own eye and ear protection.

  • Targets will be provided.

  • You must present a valid ID.

  • Must Sign Stronghold Corp Waiver Form.

  • This is NOT an NRA approved Course.

  • Will conduct this course with 1-2 students (1 Instructor) or 3-4 students (2 Instructors minimum).